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Forget about heavy pocket-book - add all your discount cards to the «Wallet» and use your smartphone for the best buys!COLLECT ALL THE DISCOUNTS AND BONUSES IN THE «WALLET»
Add discount cards to the smartphone and you’ll never miss special offers in your favourite shops, cafes and restaurants. Use discount cards from the screen of your smartphone with the «Wallet» in: Re: Store, Sportmaster, Rive Gauche, InCity, Ecco, Gloria Jeans, Ostin, Сolin's, Avantage, Melon fashion club, Mascotte and many other shops.
How does it work:1. Add discount cards to the “Wallet”. Take a photo of the both sides of your plastic discount card using the blue button with the camera sign inside the application. Special algorithm processes your card and shows its barcode and number. It is ready to use!2. Show the cashier your card in the “Wallet”. Cashier will scan the barcode from the screen or enter your card number.3. Get the discount for your purchase.
You do not need to go to any bank branch to be issued with a card — just choose one from the list of cards available in the app and you will get it delivered right to your phone in a few minutes.
Issue your MasterCard card in your smartphone and top up its balance within the app using the plastic card of any Russian bank: Sberbank, VTB, Alfa-bank, Tinkoff bank, Bank of Moscow, Home Credit bank, Russian Standard bank, Otkritie bank and many others.
The Wallet app is certified to comply with the latest international security standards.
To use paying function your phone should be on Android 4.4+ with NFC and you have to install system service — NFC Wallet Agent.
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